RedDragon's Features! More info with "r!help" command!


Ban Bans user and deletes messages.

Cleanup Deletes messages.

Filter Word censorship filter.

HackBan Preemptively bans user from the server.

Ignore/Unignore Adds/removes servers/channels to ignorelist

Softban Kicks the user, deleting 1 day worth of messages.

Moderation Continued

Kick Kick that annoying user. Cya sucker.

Mute/Unmute Mutes/Unmute user in the channel/server.

Names Show previous names/nicknames of a user.

Reason Lets you specify a reason for mod-lo's cases

Rename Changes user's nickname.

Editrole Edits roles settings.


Dices Roll some dices and find your fate.

Russianroulette Find out if your lucky or not.

Racing Race some turtles or something.

Lottery Have an lottery pool!

Heist Rob a bank or bail someone!

Games Continued

8 Ball Ask an 8 ball question.

Rock Paper Scissors Play RPS. Careful don't poke your eye out!

Racing Race some turtles or something.

Flip Flip a coin, heads or tails.

Casino Casino games! Blackjack, war card game, AllIn, Cups, and HILO.


RPoll Reaction polls!

RemindMe Sends you text when time is up.

Raffle Raffle some souls off!

Urban Search some Urban Dictionary.

Poll Starts/stops a poll.

Stopwatch Time people for being slow.


RemindMe Sends you text when time is up.

SmartReact Auto reacts to a key word.

Trivia Trivia session with specified lists

Economy Make some of that dough or something. Sell items too!

CustomCom Create some custom commands.

Cookies Get some cookies, give them or steal some. MY COOKIESSSS!